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There are plenty of places that are worth seeing

The place where the culture meets the majesty of nature and the magic of alternative tourism.
The Northern Corfu, the most qualitative side of the island, develop high quality forms of alternative tourism adding to the visitors’ experiences more value, while preserving its natural and architectural environment 
Acharavi, Sidari, Kassiopi, Peroulades, Roda, Peritheia, Pantokratoras, Karousades and many more small villages of Northern Corfu lead the tourist marketing to the 22nd century and Alter is here to present all notable actions, events, products of all sectors private and companies, through articles, dedications, documentaries, videos and news.







Top travel news & stories

A two-day trip to mysterious places of northern Corfu

When in June we arranged for a friendly couple from Patras, to host them for a weekend in Acharavi, we knew that our mission would be difficult. Not because they were difficult people... barely... The problem was that they aren’t simple tourists. They are travellers.

Christina had warned me. They don’t make selfies, but they just photograph anything can enrich their knowledge about the local history. The big day has arrived and Lisa with Nektarios reached Acharavi.

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7 eco destinations in northern Corfu for hip travelers

The green, or eco-tourism, is a current strongly evolved over the past 5 years in Europe and other selected destinations around the world. And so, this current couldn’t go around Corfu, a place so endowed by nature, with such surprising alternations of landscape between vast green areas, rivers, waterfalls (yes, you heard me), and caves. Areas labeled as parks, and/or protected natura places are waiting to be explored. In northern Corfu the excursion program for demanding travelers fills easily.

We will stay in 7 benchmarks of green tourism in northern Corfu:

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SEVEN CORFU BLUES ROCK FESTIVAL 2017 - 15 July, Corfu Beer Arena, Arillas

Event Date: 15 July 2017
Venue: Corfu Beer Arena, Corfu Beer, Arillas, Corfu NW

This year’sfestival, in its second edition, features two of the world’s most renowned rhythm and blues bands, the UK’s DR FEELGOODand Greece’s BLUES WIRE. Joining them are NEVER THE BRIDE, BLACK STRAT BAND, DEEP IN THE TOP, and BLUES LATITUDE with Maria Goros.For morebandinformation, please visit

All the profits from this year’s festival will be donated to two Corfu-based charities:MELISSA –The School forSpecial Needs Children MELISSAis a vocational school for children over the age of 14 with Autism Spectrum disorders, Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and other intellectual and developmental disabilities. The school’s program provides special training, socialisation, psychological support, sports, theatre, games, independent living skills, music, computer training, educational excursions and summer camps.

The centre also operates a fully-functioning bakery out of the school and sells three types of cookies to visitors and several retailers on the island.CARE –Corfu Animal Rescue EstablishmentSince their foundation 11 years ago, CARE has re-homed thousands of animals in Greece, Germany, Austria and the UK. CARE presently has a small shelter near Sidari,situated in the north of the island. With limited space and facilities, this means they sadly cannot take in all the reported strays, but CARE has a mobile unit and along with groups of volunteers, CARE has set up feeding stations and the sterilization ofthese animals wherever possible.

The CARE sanctuary offers temporary lodging for these animals whilst new homes are sourced. Donations go towards vet bills including injections, operations, blood and urine tests and microchips. Food, bedding, rescue travel costs and a stray feeding programme are just some of the other areas funding helps with.For more information on the charities, please visit more information about the festival and buy tickets at


SEVEN CORFU BLUES ROCK FESTIVAL 2017 SamNahas This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
John LanasisTel: +44 7763 411122 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
SEVEN FESTIVAL 2017Andreas Trifonas This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Greece's Corfu island is postcard perfect

Corfu, Greece’s most northern Ionian island, is a gem of tranquility all year round, writes Ellie O’Byrne.

The tiny monastery island of Vlakhérna is lit for a wedding with hundreds of candles that barely flicker in the still evening air as the sun sets. The picture-postcard Ionian sea, dazzlingly blue and calm, is dotted with white fishing boats. Little ripples of laughter and snatches of conversation from arriving guests punctuate the warm evening and, in the background, the even tinier island of Pontikonísi, or Mouse Island, is crowned by a whitewashed Byzantine chapel surrounded by cypress trees.

Corfu, the northernmost Ionian island, has been a holiday destination since Roman times, treasured into antiquity for its beauty. Such a gem, combining fertile agricultural land and a safe harbour, it’s been the centre of many the historic battle, but its tranquillity and laid-back, cheery inhabitants bely its military past. Everything is to a charmingly diminutive scale in this Lilliputian paradise where olive groves climb up the craggy, mountainous uplands and archaeological ruins, beaches and tavernas compete for sun-drunk tourists’ attention.

The capital, Corfu town or Kerkyra as it’s also known, is a good place to start as, unless you arrive by ferry from Igoumenitsa to Lefkimi in the south, you will arrive in either the port or airport, both of which are adjacent to Corfu town. Corfu Old Town’s elegant Italianate architecture and worn flagstone paving is charming, but in peak season it’s thronged with shopping tourists and the boutiques full of ostentatious riches and big-brand fashion seem somehow sad.

Gerald Durrell’s autobiographical accounts of his life on the island as a child spring to mind: what would it have been like to see this untouched, in the 1930s

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My family and other scandals: A new book reveals the dark side of Gerald Durrell's Mediterranean saga


Their life in Corfu was portrayed as idyllic in ITV's drama. But as the series returns, a new book about the Durrells tells the real story: breakdowns, booze, a secret abortion... and nudity galore

Their life in Corfu was portrayed as idyllic in ITV's drama. But as the series returns, a new book about the Durrells tells the real story: breakdowns, booze, a secret abortion... and nudity galore
In My Family And Other Animals, the author Gerald Durrell gives the impression that his family went to Corfu in 1935 almost on a whim, selling their English house and sailing into the unknown to escape rainy summer days and stuffed-up noses. They laughed and wrote beautifully of their island idyll, but nobody in the family talked about what had really brought them to the island – the sudden death of their father in India, the devastating effect it had on their mother, and the yearning to restore something lost.

The youngest of the family’s four children, Gerald, whose love of animals drove him to become a famous zoologist, wrote in his 1956 book how the family stayed for five years in this Mediterranean paradise until the onset of World War II. ‘Living in Corfu,’ he concluded of the hilarious adventures he recounted, ‘was rather like living in one of the more flamboyant and slapstick comic operas.’
But a new book, The Durrells Of Corfu, by family friend Michael Haag, reveals for the first time the secret of why the Durrells really went to Corfu. By drawing on the family’s letters and an unpublished memoir by Gerald, it shows a darker tale than My Family – one cloaked in tragedy and driven by alcohol abuse and a nervous breakdown.

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